Why invest in your team?

Enhancements made by professionally testing, training and motivating can bring some amazing results.

10%Increased Customer Engagment
59%Growth in Revenue per Employee
130%Higher EPS than your competitors

Not only your profits but also most of your business assets of your company benefit from investing on your team. Specific figures are provided in the following chart.

chart displaying outcomes when you take care of your team, such as sales, profitability, and decrease of turnover and absenteeism

How do we test your team?

We test your sales and your employees with a mysterious testing client

Mysterious Client Test

This technique is widely used by many professionals and managers to measure quality of service and client-facing staff’s performance to standards. In particular, this allows you to understand the actual experience from customers' perspective and identify the real problems in your sales process.

We test and mesure your team's performance

Future Scenario

This technique helps you assess the performance of your team by testing how they react to different situations with regards to a variety of necessary sales skills including presentation, negotiation, leadership, body language, communication, etc.

We test your HR with fake applicants

Fake Applicant

The benefits of hiring the right people is endless to your business while the cost of hiring the wrong ones is extremely dramatic. Hence, the Fake Applicant technique will ensure you will always recruit and keep the best talents for the business growth.

We measure your working environment

Workplace Investigation

This technique can help you create the most effective and inspiring workplace by investigating the Communication, employee engagement enhancement, team meeting effectiveness, workplace conflict resolution.

What will you get from our tests?

We provide our clients with the best service quality. Our tests are premium and exclusive with:

  • The collaboration of Harvard experts and the senior experts from your industries
  • In-depth and professional investigations
  • Customized and updated tests exclusively for your company
  • Brief overview of your performance and position in the market

Test your team for free.