leadership for women

As more women assume leadership responsibilities in companies, politics, and the government, we offer leadership development specifically for women to support and empower them. While both genders are equally capable regarding leadership performance, there are several differences regarding training needs. During the workshop, we empower women to unleash their real potential and to utilize their gifts to become effective leaders.

Advanced level

The workshop centers around individual leadership development for women and as such entails the recognition of various leadership traits to expand these towards a unique leadership style. To do so, a deeper leadership understanding in combination with specific skills development strengthens the leadership development process. Creating and communicating a strong vision completes the workshop.

Expert level

The workshop consists of five units, and each one is dedicated to an area of leadership expertise and tailored to the specific needs of women. Those areas are:

  • Emotional Intelligence: focuses on the social skills, empathy, motivation, self awareness and regulation
  • Leadership Development: centers around the traits, the skills, styles and vision
  • Stress Management: identifies the impact of stress and how to deal with it
  • Negotiation: covers from the fundamental level to the master level
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What we bring

  • Negotiation Excellence
  • Value for the Organization
  • A lasting network of women leaders aspirations
  • Professional Influence