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Peafowl Consulting is proud to support different Non-Governmental Organizations all over the world. Peafowl Foundation is a non-profit organization who offers a training support in global education, health risks and social skills. Created in the beginning of 2017, this foundation supports different institutions such as schools, hospitals and orphanages. Peafowl Foundation will offer to children and teenagers a way to develop and improve their skills. Kids will have all assets needed in their hands to prepare their future life in a healthy way.

To raise funds, PF organized a photographic exhibition around HCM city. Amateur photographs will have the opportunity to support the foundation and share their talented shot. You can have the chance to expose your photos by simply contact us at

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Current Action

Healthcare at Vietnamese and internationals schools: In Asia and in Developing Countries, there is a lack of prevention in two main domains: Health and Hygiene. Some activities, classes will be offer to children in different schools, this way they will have access to health advice: how to keep a good hygiene.

Oral Hygiene

Using a medical denture, we will present to children the functions of our teeth. We will explain them the composition of the toot and how to treat them well. Then, we will talk about the tooth brushing: we will show them how to do it, why it is important and the frequency of brushing teeth. For a better understanding, we will use pictures and images to show them and teach them how to do. We will also organize some activities to train them to do it. We will help them to understand and to become aware of the importance of the tooth brushing. At the aid of the intervention we will offer to kids some toothbrushes and toothpaste.

English Lessons at Vietnamese college & hospital

English is the universal language. In a developing economy, it's important to understand and speak English. In a country where the growing economy attracts more foreigners and more foreign companies each year. With Peafowl Foundation, kids will learn basic English to help them in their future.

Volunteers will go to schools and hospitals to teach some English to children and teenagers so they can talk a basic English with anyone.

Our last mission

Charity Partner

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

- Lao Tsu

Peafowl Consulting is proud to support different Non-Governmental Organizations in all over the world.

Logo de Seam The World, a NGO based in Vietnam

Seam the World a is a non-profit charity organization whose purpose is to use fashion to support NGO organizations all over the world and bring a better life to orphanage. Through meaningful events, we hope to bring joy and financial assistance to unfortunate children.

Logo de Life Project 4 Youth, a Vietnamese NGO

Life Project 4 Youth's (LP4Y) mission is to assist in the professional and social integration of Young Adults aged 17 to 24 living in extreme poverty and victims of exclusion: ex-prisoners, abuse sufferers, the disabled, street youth…

​ LP4Y has set up 14 centers located in the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, which between them take on about 500 Young Adults for insertion programs, called “Professional Training for Entrepreneurs” (PTE) lasting 9 to 18 months. Within these entrepreneurial development centers, the Young Adults learn to manage the economic activities with which they are entrusted and they receive a weekly allowance in order to prepare their future and learn how to manage their budget. They are also coached to identify their needs, further their skills and build their Life Project Plan. LP4Y follows and assists the trainees’ progress until they either join a company, create their own small business, or embark on further studies.